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Storyconcept introduction by the author:

Genius is a rock opera trilogy that will include a total of 33 songs (11 for each episode).

Even if the total duration of the Opera is about 4 hours of music for 3 cd, the whole storyconcept refers to a dream experienced by the main character 'Genius' that lasts only 10 minutes!
It's known that dreams are often creating a time-stretch effect in our minds, so that a 10 minutes long dream can be remembered as a day long story...
Infact, these 10 minutes of Genius' dream has been described in 4 hour of music!

But we are not talking about a regular dream like all humans have always  experienced...

In this 10 minutes Genius goes too far and discovers for the first time all the secrets of human's dream creation...


At 7 o' clock of a typical monday morning (exactly the 20 of December 1999), his alarm clock near the bed starts to ring as usual.

While he's slowly getting awaken, listening to the sound of his old clock, he finds out that its bells are playing a strange but repetitive sequence of beats.

Genius is a smart heavymetal drummer and suddenly starts to imagine that strange sequence played on a snare a drum fill.

While his immagination is following that pattern he feels very strange and falls asleep again, feeling like attracted from his pillow.

After few seconds he starts to dream and he finds himself in front of a big golden gate, suspended in the air, where 2 womans (Doorkeepers) seemed to be waiting for him.


Initially he doesn't understand if what's going on is only the result of his dreaming or if what he's experiencing is something much more important...

Then he slowly realizes that this strange dream has connected his mind with an alternative reality...


Genius has been attracted and wrongly admitted for a sum of casual circumstances into a strange and apparentely non sense parallel dimension.

Later he'll discover that that place is an alternative world where human dreams are created and conducted.


To best enjoy this opera you should have a brief explanation of some basic concepts of this alternative dreams creation world:

This parallel dimension is organized in many kingdoms, one for each continent.

Each kingdom is ruled by a King.

The whole group of the kingdoms is called Dream League and is leaded by the supreme Maindream, the most powerfull character...

The Kings involved in this first episodes are King Mc Chaos (European dreams kingdom) and King Wild Tribe (African dreams kingdom).

Each time that a human starts to sleep an entity called 'Twinspirit'  is created for him by the Dream League and sent into one of these kindoms (depending of the continent where the human dreamer lives).

An ID number is assigned to this Twinspirit to be recognized from all the others.

This number is also the ID number of the dream that will be conducted by the twinspirit.

Infact, when Genius gets caught into that dimension, is identified with ID n.33 by the doorkeepers, and wrongly exchanged by a regular Twinspirit.

This 'Twinspirit' is responsable for the conduction of his assigned human dream fantasies.

His existence starts when his human owner starts to sleep and ends at his awake.

Its duty is to create all the fantasies that his assigned human will dream about during his sleeping session, using a sort of multimedia equipment that is provided to him by the Dream League.

At the end of his life (the end of the dream) he sends to his human owner mind all the memories of the dream that he has recorded into a multimedia support build inside him, of course if he has time to do this transmission. 

If the human awake is very fast somethimes this can't happen.

That's why sometimes dreams are not remembered by the humans...

All these Twinspirits are created and sent into a sort of dream's factory, fully equipped with consoles ready to be used for the dream's conduction.

This place is called ''Twinspirt Land'...

Each kingdom has its 'Twinspirit Land' where all the twinspirit can perform their job during their short life.

So...Genius is actually dreaming and laying in his bed that morning for those intense 10 minutes... but during that unusual dream he has the chance of entering that unknown alternative world and meet the Twinspirit that is conducting his dream (his ID is n.32 infact it's been created just right before Genius arrival,right after he started to sleep and to dream).

This meeting creates a sort of incredible paradox...He's dreaming of being exactly there, in front of his assigned Twinspirit that can't belive to see his human owner in front of him!

It's from that meeting that Genius will understand what's going on...and also the reason why he was been attracted and admitted there.


The strange repetitive sequence of beats that his clock is casually ringing that morning is exactly the same sequence that all the newborn twinspirits usually uses to knock on the gate of the European Kingdom as a sort of password to be admitted!

Being a drummer, Genius starts to dream of snare hits that follows that clock sequence and this sound arrives to the European Kingdom Doorkeepers that exchange it as a newborn Twinspirit knocking at their Gates...

As soon as the Doorkeepers open the kingdom gates, and attract Genius a magic link between reality and that alternative dreams creation world is activated.

Genius sleeping mind is attracted and captured into a Twinspirit entity identified as n.33, starting to link his dreaming to that parallalel dimension and experiencing everything exactly like a regular Twinspirit!

He is really looking like a Twinspirit, but the problem is that he's not a real Twinspirit with built in experience on how to conduct dreams of a Human. 

There is no dreaming human assigned to a Twinspirit ID n.33!

He's only the mind of a dreaming human into a Twinspirit entity that doen't know anything about how to conduct a dream and how that world was working!

Soon as Genius would be arrived at his console in the Twinspirit Land this would be noticed from someone.

Nothing would be appearing into his console, and into the console of his assigned Twinspirit n.32 there would have been the exact view of 

his eyes!


This dreams dimension was born at the same time of human appearance in the real world, but has progressed a lot faster and has reached a level of 

evolution up to 100 times higher, so it's easy for every entity of that dimension to enter into human reality if it would have wanted.

As opposite, it would be Impossible for a human in normal circumstances to enter their dimension...

But one of the main rules of Dream League is that all humans must be kept unaware of this mechanism and of this dreams dimension, to prevent safety and privacy of dreams...could you imagine if all humans could know how to get into that alternative world and interact with their twinspirit like Genius is doing?

Every human could have been entering that place and maybe learn to conduct their dreams by them self! 

The Dream League secrets and prestige would have been violated forever! 


When the Twinspirit n.32 realizes that the entity he has near to him is not a real Twinspirit but the mind projection of his human owner 'Genius' that is dreaming of being there into a looking like twinspirit, he knows that many problems would happen into the European Dream Kingdom (and expecially to its king: Mc Chaos King) if this was discovered.

What is happening is strictly prohibited and very dangerous and the European king would be considered responsable for this crime and charged with severe punishments.

Genius is braking a basic rule with it's presence in that place!
Even if his Twinspirt knows that what is going on is something not allowed he could not avoid himself to conduct the dream of his owner...and his owner is dreaming of being there in that moment!


Genius is obviously discovered.

Twinspirit n.32 suddenly becomes wanted by the Dream Leage Force (The police of the Dream League).

They need to terminate him before he would have the chance to pass the dream memories to Genius at his awake, so that he would have not remebered that particular Dream and reveal to the whole humanity what he has learnt about dreams creation process and expecially how to enter in!


All the dangerous adventures caused by the presence of Genius into this dreams creation world..., the meeting with his assigned twinspirit n.32..., the friendship they develope during their adventures ..., the anger of the kings of all the Dream's kingdoms and expecially of their supreme leader Mr. Maindream against King Mc Chaos, that is considered responsable for the dangerous crime of having allowed a human into his European Dreams  kingdom..., the research of a solution to all these troubles by Genius and his Twinspirit n.32...

These will be the main thrilling content of all the Genius trilogy...

Will Genius remember this dream and reveal to the whole humanity all the secrets he learnt after his awake?

You'll discover all the details of the story reading the booklets of the 3 episodes, both songs and narrative parts....

Anyway, not all the narrative parts are acted by the storyteller,there are also additional written paragraph that are very important to understand the whole while you listen to the music...don't skip a word!


If, you'll have any doubts, feel free of asking me explanations on the story, the events and the basic Dream League World concepts both in the forum or by email.

I'll be happy to give you an answer!

So....Let's start with the first Genius episode on 23 october 2002!


See yaa!
Daniele Liverani



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