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Fantasia 23.10.2013

The Italian multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani is a cornerstone in Italian metal. His upcoming album, entitled “Fantasia”, will be published by SG Records in early 2014. Daniele Liverani carved his reputation not just as a solo artist but as member of the bands Empty Tremor, Khymera, Twinspirits, Cosmics, Prime Suspect and mentor behind the Genius Rock Opera. His first solo album was recorded at 56 Studios in Santa Monica and features the talents from Armored Saint and Fates Warning.

Fantasia is his last work, an eclectic and mature instrumental concept guitar album, to achieve which Daniele strongly desired excellent musicians. In addition to Marco Zago (keyboards) and Nicolò Vese (bass), on drums there is a total revelation: Simon Ciccotti.

FANTASIA  Track Listing
1 Unbreakable
2 Joke
3 Peacefully
4 Apocalypse
5 Daylight
6 Gigantic
7 Black Horse
8 Outstanding
9 Guilty
10 Heaven
11 Rage

Coming Soon:
Full album information and live performance videos from Daniele Liverani.


Eleven Mysteries 28.05.2012

Perhaps better known as the keyboardist and musical mastermind behind Twinspirits, Genius Rock Opera, Cosmics and Khymera; the multi-talented Daniele Liverani is also a guitarist of considerable skill as his new instrumental album "Eleven Mysteries" will testify on 20th July 2012 (Lion Music).While “Eleven Mysteries” is basically a guitar oriented album, the overall vibe of all the songs is definitely more like a “conceptual instrumental album” where guitar has the role of a “virtual singer”.

Musically there's some intense shred, but also some very melodic moments, and the musicianship and arrangements of the talented line up involved helped to create a wide variety of atmospheres and different musical moments; due to the skills and different influences of the various musicians - drummer Paco Barilla’, bassist Tony Dickinson and keyboardist Marco Zago.However, this not only an album for guitar lovers, but for anyone that appreciates musical composition on a more general level with lots to discover in and each and every track along with a first class production.

01. Mysterious Impulse
02. Inspiration
03. Nervous Forces
04. Supreme Gladness
05. All Is Pure
06. Giving
07. Humiliation
08. Regeneration
09. Freedom
10. Survive
11. Eternal

Coming Soon:
Full album information and live performance videos from Daniele Liverani.


Twinspirits 21.01.2011

Italian progressive metal band Twinspirits return with their third album “Legacy” on 18th February 2011. “Legacy” takes all the best aspects of the bands previous two releases and adds a heavier dynamic and more cohesive sound thanks to a fixed line-up, the same that delivered the highly praised “The Forbidden City” and spent time on the road promoting that release.
“Legacy” marks the second album of vocalist Göran Nyström in the band, and his voice delivers another commanding performance over the material penned by band mastermind and keyboardist Daniele Liverani. Guitarist Tommy Ermolli takes a heavier role this time round whilst the rhythm section of bassist Alberto Rigoni and drummer Dario Ciccioni hold down the complex patterns with precision.
“Legacy” is divided in 2 main parts. In the first part we have 6 powerful straight ahead songs, still being progressive in nature and with a more direct feel to them than has been heard from the band before. The second part of the album is a multi suite movement, “The Endless Sleep”, divided in 5 songs (symphonic intro + 4 songs) that is more like an album within an album being very theatrical and visionary.
On the albums lyrical slant Liverani comments, “Lyrically the first 6 songs are independent to the suite, and are cover subject, including personal experiences, thoughts about life in this era, and different kind of reflections of human beings into this modern world we are living in”.
“The second part, the suite, is covering a concept story that runs through a journey that the main character is undertaking after a premature death, whereby he’s discovering a role that he's involved in after he passes away, and the meeting with a superior entity that is giving him a sort of second chance to get back to the human life to accomplish a human rescue mission as a second millennium messiah...a very struggling story that will be revealed part by part of “the endless sleep” 30 min. suite. The key points of the concept are in part “I'm leaving this world” where the main character describes the moment he passes away and his extra body experience, the song “Legacy” where we have the relationship between him and the superior entity that is explaining his new role in the afterlife, the songs “what am I supposed to do” is a very moving moment where he meets his parents while he's back to human life temporary, and the final part “tell me the truth” continues the description of the relationship of the main character with his afterlife guide mentor”.
Twinspirits will be getting back on the road in spring 2011 promoting the new album with a tour and some European festival appearances. A promotional video for ”Slave To This World” was released in January 2011 and has won strong praise from the bands fan base and beyond.

01. Senseless
02. Pay For Their Art
03. Blind Soul
04. Slave To This World
05. Don’t Kill Your Dreams
06. Over And Over Again
07. The Endless Sleep / The Endless Sleep
08. The Endless Sleep / What Am I Supposed To Do
09. The Endless Sleep / Legacy
10. The Endless Sleep / I’m Leaving This World
11. The Endless Sleep / Tell Me The Truth


Twinspirits 11.09.2009

Lion Music are pleased to announce the release of the second album from progressive metallers TWINSPIRITS. The new album “The Forbidden City” is set for release on September 11th 2009 and builds upon the sound heard on the bands 2007 debut “The Music That Will Heal The World” (Lion Music). “The Forbidden City” takes the progressive metal approach of the debut and adds more musical depth, more memorable songs along with the ever present sublime musicianship featuring some of the genres best musicians. A key feature of the new album is the band’s new Swedish vocalist Göran Nyström, whose stunning range, power and projection has propelled the bands trademark mix of technical progressive metal with strong song structures and melodic elements onto a higher level.

Once again Twinspirits keyboard genius and musical mastermind Daniele Liverani (Genius / Khymera / Cosmics) wrote all the music and lyrics, yet its the first class interplay from guitarist Tommy Ermolli, bassist Alberto Rigoni and drummer Dario Ciccioni which bring the music alive. The Twinspirits sound has been energised and tightened by gigs in support of the debut album and this comes through on the new album. In addition “The Forbidden City” possesses a darker edge to it than its predecessor, something Göran Nyström’s voice was instrumental in bringing out. Liverani comments, “After the departure of original vocalist Nico Søren we went through many demos, was the obvious choice to be the new singer of Twinspirits. His raw yet warm voice, sheer versatility and expression in combination with great vocals skills caught the attention of the band from the initial demo we heard. After some rehearsals it was clear this was the voice that could give justice to the bands sound and songs”.

The initial writing of “The Forbidden City” began back in 2005 when Liverani began working on what would become the epic 10 minute opening title track. The rest of the album was then written from 2007 onwards with “My Future”, “Reaction” and “Number One” being the last tracks to be penned in the summer of 2007. Recording and production began in 2008 whilst the band was still searching for a new vocalist and was completed in the second quarter of 2009.

“The Forbidden City” is a concept based on the impact characters with differing natures can inflict on others. The story and all the songs run through a path of liberation of the weak natured character who finally rises to a better consciousness of himself and life and gets free from his oppressor. The path of this process is described in different moments of self-thought considerations that the weak character has about himself and his life status (“Taste the infinity”, “Hide This Feeling”, “My Future”) till the finale reaction to it, and his final liberation on “I’m Free”. On the other, the oppressive and arrogant character runs through his delirium of power describing his insane nature through the songs “Number One”, “One Of Us”, “Everything”, where he tries to rise himself as the owner of the objective truth and thus trying to become the only choice for the other character life that he’s oppressing. Yet scope is left to let the listeners the chance to paint their own explanations and deductions.

Twinspirits “The Forbidden City” is released on September 11th 2009 on Lion Music.

01. The Forbidden City [10.18]
02. Taste The Infinity [5.54]
03. Number One [4.39]
04. Everything [7.44]
05. One Of Us [6.31]
06. BTR [5.40]
07. Hide This Feeling [4.41]
08. My Future [6.39]
09. Reaction [6.02]
10. I Am Free [10.25]


Cosmics 18.04.2008

DANIELE LIVERANI's COSMICS To Release Debut In April 18, 2008 

Daniele Liverani's (KHYMERA, EMPTY TREMOR, GENIUS, TWINSPIRITS) new project COSMICS will release its debut album, "The Cosmic Year", 
on April 18 via Lion Music. 
The CD, a collection of 10 tracks within a melodic and progressive metal setting, is based around the keyboard wizardry of Liverani, 
along with "special guest" drummer Virgil Donati (STEVE VAI, PLANET X, RING OF FIRE), young guitar hotshot Tommy Ermolli (TWINSPIRITS, KHYMERA) and respected bassist Rufus Philpot (PLANET X). 
Each track contains various movements given a sonic reference to specific moments in the evolution of the universe which maintain both a 
progressive outlook yet work cohesively as a sonic unit and as single entities. Daniele Liverani showcases immense skill in this his most complex, 
visionary and progressive work to date.
Guitarist Tommy Ermolli's performance will only go to further the reputation this 20-year-old has earnt so far. This musical vision is extended further with the stunning rhythm section interaction between Rufus Philpot and Virgil Donati that the listener will have come to expect from 
their work together in PLANET X.
"The Cosmic Year" is an instrumental tour-de-force influenced by the evolution of the universe from big bang to present day. The concept idea taken from Carl Sagan's "The Dragons of Eden" book is based on the theory of years of universe' evolution compared to one solar year, approximately 365 days, 8760 hours, 31.536.000 seconds...

"The Cosmic Year" track listing:
01. Big Bang
02. Life Birth
03. Giants Domination
04. Chicxulub
05. Global Extinction
06. Omination
07. History Begins
08. Emperors And Gods
09. Voyages Of Discovery
10. The Last Second
For more information, visit 

Khymera 22.02.2008

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of KHYMERA’s third album “The Greatest Wonder” on February 22nd, 2008!

Born as studio project featuring Kansas’ Steve Walsh and Italian multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani (Genius), Khymera reaches 
now the third chapter with its ultimate evolution in a stable band’s lineup and musical concept.
With British twin brothers Tom and James Martin (HOUSE OF LORDS, TED POLEY) working on the complete songwriting and a line-up that 
following the amazing responses gathered by the second album “A New Promise” – features again Liverani’s keyboards prowess, Dennis Ward, 
Tommy Ermolli on guitars and Dario Ciccioni (HARTMANN) on drums, KHYMERA offers one of the most shining examples of what European Melodic 
Rock is all about: crystal clear production, soaring vocals, killer musicianship and a songwriting that reminds the heydays of the genre 
when bands like GIUFFRIA, ICON, FM and SIGNAL ruled the airwaves ! (PINK CREAM 69) on bass and vocals, Ivory-tinkler Daniele Liverani says: 
“It was a great journey to produce and arrange these songs provided by the Martin brothers. I tried to give the songs the full and
warm sound of the ’80s with my keyboard work, but with a touch of modern style. Both Dario on drums and Tommy on guitars did a great job and of course Dennis delivered some incredible vocals and bass too. I truly think this new album is a step ahead for us as a band. 
With every album we gel better and better together. I can’t wait to start working on the next chapter and hopefully to perform some shows during the new year!”.
Just like the previous record “A New Promise” delivered a killer melodic rock selection, the new one adds a richer and more 
mature songwriting along, with truly outstanding musicianship and huge production.

Khymera 31.07.2007

The third chapter of the KHYMERA project is about to be completed. The lineup this time is identical to the one that appeared on the second album, with Daniele Liverani on keyboards, Tommy Ermolli on guitars, Dario Ciccioni on drums and Dennis Ward of PINK CREAM 69 handling all lead vocals. The bulk of the songwriting was supplied this time by Jim and Tom Martin, who offered seven tracks on the previous album and wrote the classic "Ghost of Time" on the HOUSE OF LORDS masterpiece album "World Upside Down". An early 2008 release via Frontiers Records is expected

Twinspirits 15.06.2007

The debut album "The Music that will Heal the World" has been released on June 15th in several European countries by Lion Music! Into TWINSPIRITS official web site you will find new reviews of the album in the PRESS section! 




Genius 9.05.2007

Genius Episode 3 "The Final Surprise" has been release also in Japan by King Records on 9 of May 2007! 


Check HERE for more details on Japanese version.


Genius 12.12.2006

After two long years the wait is over. The third and final episode of the Genius Rock Opera, written and performed by the Italian multitalented musician Daniele Liverani, is now ready to be unleashed to its devoted fans on February 16th 2007!

This last chapter of the trilogy entitled “The Final Surprise” will reveal what happened to Genius and his guide Twinspirits 32 at the end of their long journey into dreams' world.We left the two main characters on the threshold of the Asian fantasies warehouse, in front of a dark underworld. They were aware that the little prince was there, hidden in one of those warehouses, but they soon realised they were in front of a huge maze, full of an infinite number of fantasy warehouses.
Now...which one was the toy warehouse where the prince was hidden? Running through almost 80 minutes of various music styles, the listener will be led by the storyteller (Philip Bynoe) through the final events of the saga and discover what happened to Genius once he woke up to go back to reality world.
You will finally learn if the little prince will be saved, and if the dreams world will be safe forever. Lots of titanic vocal duels are featured in this episode including the amazing duet performed by characters Twinspirits 32 (Daniel Gildenlow of PAIN OF SALVATION) and Apikor (Jorn Lande, ex MASTERPLAN) and between Twinspirits 32 (Daniel Gildenlow) and Genius (this time performed by a majestic DC Cooper of SILENT FORCE).
Other great singers give their interpretation of the characters in this final episode: Eric Martin as Mr. Niko, Toby Hitchcock (of PRIDE OF LIONS) as Senator Jeramus and Andrea Dätwyler (of LUNATICA) as Kokeshi Doll. This breathtaking episode of Genius' is the final act and an amazing mind trip into the unknown parallel dimension where dreams are created. The dream is over but don’t miss the surprises this Opera still has in store!
Drum tracks for the album were laid as usual by Dario Ciccioni, while Oliver Hartmann took care of the monster chorus vocal work.
Tracklisting of the album includes the following songs: Toy Warehouse; No More Chances; Save Me From My Destiny; Alive and Safe; Jump Off This Train; Let Me Live; Inside These Memories; I Die; Back To Life Again; Dream In Liberty; The Final Surprise.
Release date of the album has been set on February 16th 2007 on Frontiers Records, with a release in Japan scheduled on King Records.


Khymera 30.10.2006

The third album of the KHYMERA project (featuring Daniele Liverani on keyboards, Dario Ciccioni on drums, Tommy Ermolli on guitar and Dennis Ward of PINK CREAM 69 on vocals) has started to take shape. This time the songwriting has been completely handled by the british brothers Tom and James Martin (who did also heavily contribute to the second record and penned the beautiful “Ghost of Time” on the latest HOUSE OF LORDS album “World Upside Down”). The recording will start in early 2007 and the label plans a release after the summer.


Genius 30.08.2006

DC Cooper (SILENT FORCE, ex ROYAL HUNT) accepted to join the cast of singers for the third and final chapter of the GENIUS Rock Opera entitled "The Final Surprise". DC will sing all the parts which were originally destined for the Mark Boals character. The former MALMSTEEN singer will not be part of the final instalment of the project because of personal reasons.

The cast is therefore complete and will feature Daniel Gildenlow (PAIN OF SALVATION), Jorn Lande (ex MASTERPLAN), Andrea Datwyler (LUNATICA), Eric Martin (ex MR BIG), Toby Hitchcock (PRIDE OF LIONS) and of course DC Cooper. The music was once again written, performed and produced in its entirety by the italian multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani (KHYMERA) with the sole exception of the drums, played by Dario Ciccioni (HARTMANN).

Release of the record is pencilled for december 2006.

Twinspirits 10.07.2006

Daniele Liverani has put togheter a brand new killer ProgRock band line up named TWINSPIRITS that is going to release a debut album on June 2007 for LION MUSIC

The title will be The Music That Will Heal The World and will feature the talents of Danish singer Nico Soren Adamsen on vocals, Dario Ciccioni on drums, Tommy Ermolli on guitars and Alberto Rigoni on bass.

More news to come soon!

Genius 10.10.2005

Daniele Liverani is working on the third and final chapter of the GENIUS Rock Opera.

This time the vocal guests will include: Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, RING OF FIRE) as Genius; Daniel Gildenlow (PAIN OF SALVATION) as Twinspirit32; Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN) as Apikor; Toby Hitchcock (PRIDE OF LIONS) as Senator Jeramus; Eric Martin (TMG, ex MR.BIG) as Mr.Niko; Andrea Dätwyler (LUNATICA) as Kokeshi; Oliver Hartmann on all choirs; Philip Bynoe as Storyteller.

Daniele hopes to finish up all recording by the end of november 2005 with a release tentatively set for the spring 2006.

Khymera 30.09.2005

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of KHYMERA’s second album “A New Promise” on December 5th 2005

Born as a studio project set to create a union between one of the historic voices of rock, Steve Walsh of KANSAS and one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists of today’s rock music scene, KHYMERA has now evolved into something more...

Still featuring the talents of Daniele Liverani (main performer and composer of the GENIUS rock opera), KHYMERA has now gathered a full band lineup with Dennis Ward of PINK CREAM 69 on vocals, drummer Dario Ciccioni (GENIUS) and new guitar sensation Tommy Ermolli.

Ward makes his absolute debut as lead singer with this album showcasing an incredible voice that will make one wonder how come this guy never take the mike in hand before playing bass! The first reactions after some mystery downloads appeared on the website in July 05 were nothing short of amazing with comparisons drawn to Keith Slack of STEELHOUSE LANE, Mark Free and Billy Greer of SEVENTH KEY.

The songs are again gathered from some of the most outstanding writers in the melodic rock and AOR scene featuring the likes of Robin and Judithe Randall (“If You Dare To Dream”), Jeff Scott Soto (“You Can’t Take Me”), Don Barnes (“Looking For You” and “After The Way”), but the bulk of the album showcases the shining songwriting of brothers Tom and James Martin (ex SUGARTOWN), who penned songs for such artists as DO (“Angel By My Side”) and RONAN KEATING among others.

The final tracklisting shall be as follows:
A New Promise; Alone (click to hear an mp3 sample); Let It Burn (click to hear an mp3 sample); Looking For You (click to hear an mp3 sample); All That I Have; The Damage Is Done; After The Way (click to hear an mp3 sample); You Can’t Take Me (Away From You); Tomorrow Never Comes; Fields of Fire; If You Dare To Dream; Give In To The World; All Is Gone

Just like the first record was the very best melodic rock could offer, the new one showcases a rich and diverse songwriting along with great musicianship. The result is an enjoyable and riveting melodic rock record, set to please all the fans who enjoyed the first record and more !

Release in Japan is settled on Marquee/Avalon with further details on domestic releases in other territories to be announced at a later stage.

Genius 25.1.2005

Interviews section updated with lots of links to Daniele Liverani interviews in the web. 


Genius 14.1.2005

After a long period with no news, Genius Rock Opera is taking off again for the final episode that is going to be completed within this year...
The casting and the final step of the production of Episode 3 is going to start within some months.

Daniele Liverani has been very busy with a lot of promotion, Empty Tremor new release 'The Alien Inside' and his new guitar solo album release 'Daily Trauma', and is now completing the production of another Khymera album titled 'A New Promise'; Then he'll be focusing on the final step of the Genius Trilogy!

Soon there will be also a massive site update with Genius episode 2 responses and variuos stuffs.

Stay tuned for news about the amazing 3rd episode coming soon!


Khymera 08.12.2004


Daniele Liverani is starting the work on the production of the new KHYMERA album titled 'A new promise'.


This time the vocals of the melodic rock studio project masterminded by the Genius Rock Opera songwriter and main performer, will be handled by Pink Cream 69’s bass player and producer DENNIS WARD !

The songs have been offered by the likes of JEFF SCOTT SOTO, JUDITHE and ROBIN RANDALL, DON BARNES, TOM and JIM MARTIN.
Some titles to be recorded are: A New Promise, Looking for You; After The Way; You Can’t Take Me; Tomorrow Never Comes; Give In To The World; Let It Burn; All Is Gone; Alone; All That I Have; Field Of Fire; The Damage Is Done.

With this new Khymera release, Daniele is going present to the world an incredible newcomer talent that he has discovered lately.
The young talented italian guitarrist Tommy Ermolli ( has joined the Khymera team and has recorded all guitar tracks for this second album.
Daniele has recorded keyboards and bass this time, and the drums have been performed by the great talented drummer Dario Ciccioni as usual.

Daniele says: "Guitarrist Tommy Ermolli will be a very nice suprise for all the rock music lovers, not only for his top tecnique level, but expecially for his 
incredible musical maturity, powerfull tone, great feeling and melodic style, really incredible qualities for his young age... (16 years old!); for these reasons I definitely wanted him to join Khymera team to express all his potential in this new release!"

The album will be mixed by Fabrizio Grossi in Los Angeles for a tentatively release in late spring 2005 by Frontiers Records.


Genius 25.3.2004

Frontiers Records is glad to unleash all details for the release of the highly anticipated second episode of the Genius Rock Opera entitled: “In Search Of The Little Prince”.

The entire cast of singers is composed by:
Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire; ex Malmsteen) as 'Genius'
Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation) as 'Twinspirit n. 32'
Russell Allen (Symphony X) as 'Dream League Commander'
Edu Falaschi (Angra) as 'Jason'
Jeff Martin (Racer X) as 'Seventree'
Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) as 'Oddyfer Guardian'
Eric Martin (ex Mr. Big) as 'Mr. Niko'
Johnny Gioeli (Hardline; Axel Rudi Pell) as 'Oddyfer'
Liv Kristine (ex Theatre Of Tragedy) as 'Klepsydra'
Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, Ring Of Fire) as 'The Storyteller'
All Choirs:
Oliver Hartmann (Empty Tremor)

As usual, all instruments are performed by the Italian multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani with Dario Ciccioni on drums.

The second episode of the Genius Rock Opera is full of action and is going to offer many surprises to the listeners… “In Search of The Little Prince” is another phase of Genius’ amazing mind trip into the unknown parallel dimension where dreams are created and conducted for humans.

The final tracklisting will include the following songs: 

He Will Die; Playing In Their Dreams; You Won’t Escape; Valley; Beware; My Dear Son; What He Has To Say; All My Fault; To Be Free; Fight Again; Far Away From Here

The music style is very varied featuring a unique and spectacular blend of Melodic Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal styles for 74 minutes of music powered by a winning cast of some of the best singers from all the ages and styles... 
Release date for Europe is slated for May 24th. The album is also set to be released by King Records in Japan, Hellion Records in Brazil, Rock Empire in Taiwan and Cd-Maximum in Russia.

In addition to this, Frontiers Records will release in mid-price on the same day Daniele Liverani’s instrumental solo album entitled “Daily Trauma”.
This album has been recorded before the Genius Trilogy and features some songs excerpts and ideas which later have been developed into the opera Genius. 
In Liverani’s own words: “We have an original story written in 1997, an instrumental album recorded in 1998 and then from 1999 onwards I started to work on the 3 album Genius Rock Opera”. 

Influences range from Liquid Tension Experiment to classic opera sounds and the result is a complement for all the Genius opera fans !


Genius 5.5.2003

The sections Media Responce updated with more articles.

Photo Gallery section has been updated with some pics of Daniele Liverani!

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Genius 29.4.2003

The new AOR album 'Khymera' with  Daniele Liverani (guitars, bass and Keys) 

and Steve Walsh(lead vocals) has been released world wide!


Check out Daniele's personal web site for more details!






Genius 28.3.2003

The sections Interview and  Media Responce updated with more articles.

Photo Gallery section has been updated with some more posters!

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Genius 6.1.2003

The Photo Gallery section has been updated with a nice Daniele Liverani-Genius big poster taken from french magazine Hard Rock.

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Genius 6.1.2003

Genius release by 'Rock Empire' in Taiwan/China has been delayed to 10 January 2003


Genius 5.1.2003

Interviews and media responce sections updated!

Many links to Daniele Liverani's interviews and Genius Ep1 reviews on the net have been added into the Interviews and Media Responce section!

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Genius 4.1.2003

Here we are with a new year of Rock Music!!


The song 'There's a human' performed by Oliver Hartmann has been included into the great double cd compilation 'Rock The Bones' released  by Frontiers records!

The compilation contains the best tracks of all the albums released lately by Frontiers.



Warmth in the Wilderness 4.12.2002

Daniele Liverani has recorded a special guitar composition called 'METEOR' dedicated to Jason Becker. This song will be included in the Tribute Album "Warmth in the Wilderness" Vol.2 to be released in December by Lion Music

Special guest in the intro of METEOR song: the great Genius 'Storyteller' voice of Philip Bynoe!

Dario Ciccioni has played the drums too in this song, Daniele Plays everything else.
Talking about this song for Jason Becker tribute, Daniele Liverani has revealed that one of the upcoming character that will be encountered into dreams' world by Genius in the next episodes of the trilogy will be Jason Becker! A special guest singer will sing the part of this legendary guitarrist that will appear in the special dream of Genius drummer and will help him to find a solution to the dangerous situation he caused entering that alternative reality!


Hear a Real audio sample of the song Meteor at website!


Genius 3.12.2002

Genius Rock Opera has raised to the 2nd position in the chart of the famous italian radio ROCKFM!

Click here to see the chart: RockFm Rock Heavy Countdown


Genius 26.11.2002

Genius Rock Opera has been licensed to the russian label CD-Maximum for the whole russian territory release!

The russian version of Genius Rock Opera has been already released!


Genius 21.11.2002

Genius is going to be released by 'Rock Empire' in Taiwan/China on 1 December!

The release date is set also in Mexico by 'The Art Records' for 30 November!

The Genius release for Hellion in Brazil is scheduled approximately for mid December.

Stay Tuned!


Genius 21.11.2002

Photo Gallery section updated!

A very big poster version of the official Genius Rock Opera advertisement  page that has appeared in European magazines is now available for the download in a zipped bmp file in the Photo Gallery section.

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Genius 21.11.2002

Photo Gallery section updated!

A very big poster version of the official Genius Rock Opera advertisement  page that has appeared on japanese BURRN! magazine issue of December 2002 is now available for the download in a zipped bmp file in the Photo Gallery section.

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Genius 20.11.2002

media responce section updated!

Many 'Genius Rock Opera Episode 1' reviews appeared in the most inportant rock/metal web sites and magazines around the world!

Many of  these reviews have been added into the 'media responce' section!

Check out the press ratings/votes and opinions about Genius Episode 1!


Genius 15.11.2002

Interview section updated!

Many links to Daniele Liverani's interviews on the net have been added into the interview section!

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Genius 11.11.2002

Interview section updated!

Mark Boals interview about Genius Rock Opera is on line! Check it out!


Genius 9.11.2002

Genius Rock Opera is released in South Korea by One Music Enterteinment!


Genius 6.11.2002

Genius Rock Opera is released in Japan by King Records!


Genius 26.10.2002

Daniele Liverani is doing much promotion in this period, you can expect a great amount of interviews about Genius Rock Opera in the next moths on rock/metal magazines and websites!


Genius 21.10.2002

Genius Rock Opera is finally released on Europe!


Genius 29.9.2002

media responce section updated!

Genius Rock Opera on German 'Rock it!' magazine!


Genius 25.9.2002

Interview section updated!

Olaf Senkbeil (Genius choirs performer) interview about Genius Rock Opera is on line! Check it out!


Genius 20.9.2002

Interview section updated!

Lana Lane interview about Genius Rock Opera is on line! Check it out!


Genius 19.9.2002

Exclusive interview of Daniele Liverani for Kristall Radio on Tuesday 24th September at 18.30 (6.30PM)!

If you are in Milan (Italy) you'll be able to hear the interview tuning you radio at 96.4FM, anyway the interview will be on air through the internet worldwide at kristall radio web site:


Genius 10.9.2002

Genius Rock Opera Chat service now active!

From today you can meet and discuss about Genius Rock Opera in real time using the

new Chat service on the website main menu'!

Daniele and Dario will schedule soon some meetings in the chat room for discussions

with fans about Genius project! 

Day and hour of meetings will be posted to the mailing list!

Stay tuned!


Genius 10.9.2002

Genius Rock Opera has been presented in the official King Crimson news web site:

Rock Opera Includes Wetton in Cast 
kaveman at 12:45:30 AM - KCNN Feedback (0)
"Italian musician Daniele Liverani noted for his work with prog-metal band Empty Tremor has lined up a cast of well known musicians including Crimson alumnus, John Wetton, for his first rock opera called Genius..."

Read on at:


News section of the official John Wetton Home Page 'Chasing The Dragon' is updated with the info about Genius Rock Opera!

Also a brief story by Daniele Liverani is added, he describes the details about John Wetton involvement in the official opera cast:

"Well, during the casting of Genius project, I was asked by Frontiers Records to put together one of the most exciting casts ever in rock history..."

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Genius 10.9.2002

Photo Gallery section updated!

A very bigger A3 size version of the official Genius Rock Opera poster is now available for the download in a zipped bmp file in the Photo Gallery section.

That section will be updated with more photos and cool Genius artwork stuffs!

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Genius 9.9.2002

Interview section updated!

John Wetton interview about Genius Rock Opera is on line!

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Genius 7.9.2002

Interview section updated!

Daniele Liverani interview for 'Pretties for you' web site is on line!

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Genius 7.9.2002

Photo Gallery section updated!

The official miniposter of Genius Rock Opera is available for the download in a zipped bmp file  in the Photo Gallery section.

That section will be updated with more photos and cool Genius artwork stuffs!

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Genius 2.9.2002

New Updates on web site!

-Added extended storyconcept introduction in 'The Trilogy' section

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Genius 29.8.2002

Frontiers Records are finally able to unveil all details concerning the release of the hugely awaited first episode of the GENIUS Rock Opera, written and performed by the italian musician Daniele Liverani, known for his work with the prog-metal italian heroes, EMPTY TREMOR.

The cast of characters, in order of apparition includes:


Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire) as "Genius"

Lana Lane as "Doorkeeper"

Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) as "TwinSpirit n. 32"

Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger) as "Stationmaster"

Joe Vana (Mecca) as "King McChaos Consultant"

Steve Walsh (Kansas) as "Wild Tribe King"

John Wetton (Asia) as "McChaos King"

Oliver Hartmann (At Vance) as "Wild Tribe Consultant"

Midnight (ex Crimson Glory) as "Maindream"

With: Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, Ring Of Fire) as "The Storyteller"

Choir: Olaf Senkbeil (Dreamtide) Hachy Hackmann Chris Bolthendal (Grave Digger)

Additional background vocals on "The Right Place": Rita Celli

Additional background vocals on "All Of Your Acts": Thom Griffin (Ambition, Trillion)

On drums, the incredible human engine: Dario Ciccioni.


The whole concept runs around the many characters that Genius meets during his journey in the parallel dimension where he discovers the secrets of the creation of the human dreams.

The final tracklisting will include the following songs: Without Me Today; The Right Place; Paradox; Twin Spirits Land: All Your Acts;

Dreams; My Pride; There's a Human; Father; Terminate; I'm Afraid.

The music style can be described as an exciting mixture of melodic rock and progressive metal.

The cover artwork has been designed by Markus Meyer (Nightwish, Grave Digger, Edenbridge).

The release date is scheduled for October 23rd 2002 for Europe on Frontiers Records.

The album has been licensed for other territories to:

King Records (Japan); One Music Entertainment (South Korea); Rock Empire (Taiwan / China); Hellion (Brazil); The Art Records (Mexico)

For more infos and details on the concept and song samples, check out the website:


The official Genius Rock Opera web site is finally on!

Check out the song clips on the 'Episode One Extracts' section for an amazing  preview of the great performances of singers involved in the this first Episode.

Many updates of the web site are scheduled, check it out!


Genius 1.3.2002

The recording of the Genius Rock Opera Ep.1 "A Human Into Dreams World" is finally completed and the album is currently being mixed by Mike Slamer in his studios in Los Angeles.

As a last minute addition we were able to ensure that none other than MECCA vocalist, Joe Vana took the last part available and will appear as King McChaos Consultant. Also appearing will be ex TRILLION vocalist Thom Griffin on harmony vocals.

The tracklisting of the cd shall be: Without Me Today; The Right Place; Paradox; Twin Spirits Land; All Your Acts; Dreams; My Pride; There's A Human; Father; I'm Afraid.

The album release has not been scheduled yet and the label is looking at a late 2002 streetdate.  


Genius 18.12.2001

Frontiers Records / Now & Then Productions are finally able to announce the details of one of the biggest projects ever undertaken by the company!

During the spring of 2002 the label is going to release worldwide the first episode of a Rock Opera Trilogy called GENIUS. The first episode entitled "A Human Into Dreams' World" shall feature such characters as:

Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire) as 'Genius'

Lana Lane as 'Doorkeeper'
Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) as 'TwinSpirit n.32'

Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger) as 'Stationmaster'
John Wetton (Asia, Uriah Heep) as 'Mc Chaos King'
Steve Walsh (Kansas) as 'Wild Tribe King'
Oliver Hartmann (At Vance) as 'Wild Tribe Consultant'

Midnight (ex Crimson Glory) as 'Maindream'
Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, Ring Of Fire) as 'The Storyteller'

More details on the cast of characters of the forthcoming episodes shall be announced in the near future. The music and lyrics have been completely written, arranged and produced for Frontiers Records by the Italian musician Daniele Liverani, know for his work with the progressive metal band Empty Tremor. Daniele plays all Guitars, Keyboards and Bass on the whole Opera, except drums, which are played by the incredible human engine Dario Ciccioni.

The whole concept runs around the many characters that Genius meets during his journey, only 8 of which are appearing in this first episode. Furthermore, a storyteller will help the listener to follow the various events.... During the three chapters of the story the listener shall be able to experience the thrilling adventures of the teenage drummer Genius who becomes accidentally captured in a parallel dimension where he discovers the secrets of the creation of human dreams. Unfortunately, he has also creates a lot of problems and paradoxes which put the whole existence and the safety of that parallel dimension in serious danger.

The music style is very varied featuring a unique and spectacular blend of Melodic Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal styles for 72 minutes of music powered by a winning cast of some of the best singers from all the ages and styles...

The album is currently in the final vocal recording stage and will be mixed by Mike Slamer (Streets, Steelhouse Lane, Seventh Key) in Los Angeles during January 2002.




Rock Opera 20.10.2001

Frontiers Records / Now & Then Productions are also currently working on a very exciting new project. A real ROCK OPERA in 3 chapters which will include some of the most exciting cast of singers ever in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal history!

The concept has been written and recorded already by some Italian musicians and vocal recordings are taking place as we speak. All details shall be released at a later date.

The first chapter of this concept opera shall be released sometime in the first half of the year 2002!